RKG has two divisions, viz., "Psychiatry & Neuro" and "General" with around 150 products in the former and 80 odd products in the latter category.

We boast of a complete range of formulations which work on the central nervous system.

The company is actively promoting the said products in 20 states of our country and have exported to many Middle Eastern, African & CIS Countries in the past. Preparations are on for revitalizing this business and inquiries for direct or third party exports are solicited .

We are committed to spread all along the length & breadth of our country in order that our products are accessible to one and all.

The efforts are being coordinated by the Marketing arm of RKG located at Vadodara (Gujarat) under the name & style of M/s. MEDLAR PHARMACHEM PVT. LTD. (please click for marketing inquiries).

While the northern region is handled by our corporate office in Delhi, the east and the north-east are catered to by our eastern marketing hub located at Kolkata and the southern and western zones marketing effort is being coordinated by the Vadodara office.We welcome marketing inquiries from well established professionals in areas which remain unrepresented by us.

Medlar Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Medlar Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated in June 2003 as the marketing divison of RKG. It has been entrusted the task of not only marketing and distributing RKG products in west & south India, but more importantly to sell all the new outsourced molecules to an all India clientele.

The states of Gujarat and Maharashtra have been the traditional centres of the pharma industry and our presence in this region will only enhance the future goals of RKG which are 'NEW PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT' and 'EXPORTS'.

MEDLAR is being managed by Sh. Rajeev Garg, a Chemical Engineer with almost 40 years experience in the Plastics, Chemicals and Allied industry.

All the outsourcing efforts are being done under the technical guidance of M/s. RKG PHARMA PVT. LTD.